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Personal Training is available in 60 minutes, 45 minute, 30 minute, and small group training sessions, choose from one-on-one personal training, pair training or small group training.

One - on one Training

After meeting with one of our personal trainers and discussing your goals and expectations, we will then design a customized program to fit your needs. Proper form will be emphasized while moving you through different exercises targeting different muscle groups. Based on your ability, your trainer may focus on plyometrics, speed & agility, stealth training and/or athletic training.

Pair Training 

The pair training program gives you a chance to share a trainer and save you money. When you find a friend or family member with a fitness goal similar to yours, pair training can then be very successful. The motivation and hard work are a lot easier to maintain when it is shared.

Small Group Training 

Small group train with friends and receive the benefits of personalized fitness in a small group