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Meet Your Mind-Full Mat Pilates Instructor

Mindful Mat Pilates 

Mat Pilates is an effective , precise set of exercises that is accessible to anyone at any fitness level and provides countless benefits.

Physical Benefits : 

Mat Pilates Class will strengthen the body’s ‘powerhouse’ , a Pilates term that refers to your abdominals , lower back muscles , pelvic floor , hips and glutes. Through a flowing series of floor exercise , the workout helps build, sculpt and tone these muscles , giving your body a long , lean look . Pilates can also aid in flexibility and improving posture , as stretching your body is a vital part of class. While low-impact , Pilates burns fat during and after class , as your muscles continue to shed calories long after class ends . 

Mental benefits :

As your instructor will be quick to remind you , focusing on your breathing plays a major role in Mat Pilates . Encouraging you to breathe from your belly instead of your chest , Pilates connects your breath to the exercise , allowing this influx of oxygen to better complete each movement . Thru deep , mindful breathing , the mind will also benefit from mindfulness, relaxation and stress reduction. Over time , your mind becomes trained to stay more focused not only while working out , but also in your everyday life . 

Try Mindful Mat Pilates and see for yourself !

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