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​​​​​Miguel Rustrian | Owner 

 Miguel Rustrian is an AFAA certified personal trainer. He has experience using cardio kickboxing, boot camp, power and strength training methods. He is also certified to use TRX and Rip training methods and equipment. With over 9 years of personal training experience and 10 years of being a group training instructor, there isn't much he hasn't seen in this industry!

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Meet Dylan Papa
Personal Trainer.

Dylan graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, FL. There he completed 150+ hours in Strength Training Program Design, 100+ hours in Human Anatomy & Physiology, 100+ hours in Nutrition, and a total of 500 total clocked hours in theory and practical. Dylan has been involved in fitness and sports since he was young and has been a personal trainer for 5+ years now.

I have had coaches who have pushed me further and harder than I could ever think possible. Not only do they push you physically, but mentally too. Helping someone in ways my coaches have done for me is an everyday goal. Pushing them to reach their goals, and then some. There is no better feeling than seeing a client succeed in their goals and reach goals they never thought were possible. “Do something you are passionate about, and you will never have to work again.”

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“Strength is the product of struggle, you must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t.”

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Our Trainers

Meet Ryan Stamm
Personal Trainer.

I am an extremely motivated, people person, with a true passion for fitness. I have eighteen years of field experience and I am very dedicated to the health and wellness of others, as well as empowering them to achieve their fitness goals. I possess extensive knowledge in program development, and nutrition, and the ability to assess and apply it to all ranges of individuals. I enjoy working both on a one on one basis, as well as in a group setting. 

- W.I.T.S.
- A.C.E.
- N.F.P.T.

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We recognize that very few clients share similar goals, everyone goes about achieving personal fitness in their own way! Some enjoy intense 1 on 1 strength training, while others enjoy Yoga. With this in mind, we have assembled trainers with significantly different backgrounds/specialties. All of which are eager to help our clients achieve their goals!

Meet Lynn Spampanato

Yoga and Barre Instructor 

I wasn't always into fitness. In fact I was far from the likings of working out in my teens and twenties.  After an unfortunate change of events I was presented with the option to “get fit” or suffer the ill consequences of being sedentary.   Working out and taking care of myself became a priority.  I realized things like, ‘I can” and “I will” became part of my vocabulary.  Not only did my body change but also my mind.  The way I viewed life and the challenges surrounding me also changed.

I couldn't keep this new found knowledge and experience to myself.  I had to share with others.  I love helping others change, become their strongest, their fastest, most confident versions of themselves.

I continue to study, mostly in the areas of yoga.  Currently studying back care and alignment.  Studying ways to help people with scoliosis and herniation.   I love teaching people the fascinating connection between the health of our bodies and our minds.

                 “the body isn't stiff, the mind is stiff” Sr K Pattabhi Joins 

Meet Casey Schwab
Personal Trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutritionist

Casey graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia after successfully completing her studies in The Theory & Practice of Personal Training, Basic Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, as well as certifications in CPR/AED and First Aid. Casey believes that fitness is all about finding a happy and healthy balanced life style. She believes that in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must work your mind, body and soul. Whether it be weight loss or agility and conditioning, you are sure to get a great work out and see results! Call or email now for a consultation with Casey.

“Fitness means different things to different people, but it is never too late to set yourself goals and put them in motion! Let's do it together!"-Casey Schwab

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